Client Reviews

“Mr. Suits was absolutely 100% responsive and on top of my case. He was sincere and treated me like a person. He understood the impact the car accident had on my daily life and how the injuries were to affect me long term. He knows the law. He understands that the case and litigation is not about one’s ego, but instead it is about the person they are representing.

I would highly recommend Mr. Suits to anyone who needs representation and to work with someone they can trust. Mr. Suits negotiated my case without having to go to trial. The end result was a fair and healthy compensation. Mr. Suits was very generous with his time and fees. Thank you Mr. Suits for representing me and having a high sense of integrity and values.”

– Suzette

“James represented me the past two years during a very difficult time. I always felt very comfortable communicating with him, and he made sure I understood everything throughout the process. This was my first lawsuit and Mr. Suits obtained the optimal result. I would recommend his services to friends and family anytime.”

– Jenifer

“I never thought I would say this about an attorney, Mr. Suits is ethical and trustworthy. He is diligent in his work, which is thorough and thoughtful. I highly recommend James Suits if you are in need of legal help of any kind. He is a rarity and you would be lucky to have him in your corner.”

– Nathan

“I have been working with Jim for over a year and he did a really good job. He is an excellent lawyer, he is the best. He is very honest and much better than other lawyers that I have worked with. I highly recommend Jim for your personal injury case. I am very happy with the job he did. I received a great settlement in my case. Thank you, Jim! :)”

– Tammy

“Mr. James Suits was as helpful as anyone can be. I would definitely recommend anyone to go straight to him if you need the help. I will be definitely coming back.”

– Compliance Logistics

“I loved working with James. He is amazing. He handle our case professionally and it successful. I recommend him to everyone. Thank you so much James for helping us!”

– Mary

“The experience has been one of the best! Professional, responsive, details, thorough and quick to follow thru. Thank you again for all your assistance!”

– Tina

“Nothing stands in this mans way. No virus. No uncooperative companies. When I hired James, it was pre pandemic. Due to the shelter in place order and businesses closing, case resolution seemed super unlikely any time soon. Without me even knowing he still went above and beyond to get materials we needed to present my case. Such a nice surprise to open up an email and see somebody powering through for you even in the darkest of times.

Life has its share of everyday problems you have to deal with. When an accident happens, you realize that insurance companies are only there for themselves. It creates a whole different level of anxiety. Hiring James was the best thing I could have done for myself and my own mental health. He’s personable and practices with an empathetic professionalism. Don’t take my word for it. Give him a call.”

– Tami

“James is a great lawyer and a fine human being. My case was a challenge to anyone and James stepped up to that challenge. He has a dogged determination to get the best for clients; at least he did for me. I came to know him through a referral from my lawyer back in Texas, who rated James highly. He has lived up to it. I’m glad to have had him on my side and wish him well as I only hope to see him again a ballgame or the mall : ). If you want an honest, intelligent and committed legal expert, meet with James Suits, share your situation and hear his advice. It will be well worth your time and may give you a partner in getting Justice for your loss. Good luck, James and Thanks Michael B.”

– Michael

“Your first attorney conversation should be with James C. Suits II.  I was in a vehicle accident where the defendant drove his vehicle into the back of mine. The attorneys I contacted wouldn’t represent me because my vehicle wasn’t’ crushed in the accident and I wasn’t’ in a body cast. No attorney would take my case. Except for James C. Suits II. James took on my case, represented me and in a partnership like fashion and stayed on with me for three years, till we satisfactorily resolved our case. I say “we” because James always presented me the outcomes, scenarios, but the final decision was always mine. James was my beacon of hope at a time when my options appeared limited. I was out of state after the accident which made parts of the case challenging. As our case moved along the three years, our phone conversations felt more like family, that James C. Suits II “was protecting me and my best interest”.

James worked diligently behind the scenes defending me, and in his calm and empathetic demeanor offered me emotional support. I am eternally grateful for James C. Suits II service and I hereby recommend Mr. James C. Suits II without reservation. James was awesome to work with, we have never met in person (I will one day meet James in person and shake his hand). It was from our first phone conversation that I knew I could trust James C. Suits with my case, and my best interest. Above all else, James C. Suits II your first call in your search for an attorney. I promise you all your other attorney conversations won’t measure up too or feel like the conversation you just had with attorney James C. Suits II.”

– William

“Working with James Suits was very positive and uplifting experience. He spent a lot of time to educate me, navigate through the process, restoring my confidence during the frustrating and stressful period. From the start he impressed me by the depth of his professional knowledge, ability to precipitate the right content from emotional and lengthy explanations and present the case in clear and concise form. I appreciate his delicate and sincere style of dealing with a sensitive matter, his great advice and no judgment, his patience and flexibility with scheduling appointments. In the end, we achieved a good settlement of the case and a peace of mind for me. I definitely recommend James Suits to everyone who needs legal advice or representation. It was a pleasure to work with you James, thank you.”

– Svetlana

“Attorney James Suits is very knowledgeable and experienced in his field.  His expertise gave me the confidence to trust him.  He is an excellent communicator.  If I raised any concerns, they were immediately addressed.  He responded immediately by phone call, email, or in-person appointments.  He made me feel that my case was the only one being handled by him despite having many cases.  He is very courteous and attentive, helping the procedure go very smoothly.  I highly recommend him.”

– Karim

“An attorney with integrity, who’s also very reliable & flexible.  Jim did an excellent job on my case, which is a rather small & compromised case, since I have pre-existing condition.  Jim was able to get my recovery settlement more than what I expected.  What blew me away was when I offered to compensate him 5% more than our agreed fee, Jim turned it down, saying he’s fine with what we agreed.  Wow!  I was very surprised.  Thought nobody would refuse more money.  Hat off to you, Jim!”

– Vicky

“Legal Ace!  It is very simple.  Jim Suits is a lawyer you should hire immediately.  He handled my case with a high level of expertise and as a result I received the best possible outcome for my injuries and property damage.  I was riding my bike one Saturday morning and was hit by a motor vehicle.  I suffered heavy injuries which included multiple lesions, 6 broken ribs, and a major concussion.  I continue to have migraine headaches.  I contacted Mr. Suits and he took control of my case as I recovered from my injuries.  Mr. Suits handled the opposing insurance company with a high level expertise.  The insurance company representing the motorist were difficult and fought to protect their client and their own assets.  The driver was clearly at fault but the insurance company tried to downplay his liability.  Mr. Suits put together an intelligent strategy that put the pressure back on the insurance company.  He has excellent communication skills.  I loved that I was always able to contact Mr. Suits through email or by phone.  He answered any questions I had regarding my case promptly and clearly.  Whenever the representative from the insurance company sent him anything he quickly forwarded it to me and then always let me review any documents he sent on my behalf.  The documents Mr. Suits created were impeccable.  Getting hit by a car on my bike was one of the worst days in my life.  Physical and emotional pain, financial strain, and uncertainty about my case and health was extremely stressful.  However, James Suits executed a brilliant plan to give me the absolute best result for my case.  Thank you, thank you Mr. Suits.”

– Sammy

“James dealt with a difficult insurance adjuster and managed to negotiate a settlement on my behalf that exceeded my expectations.  James maintained a good line of communication with me during the settlement process so I was always in the loop and was never surprised by any development.  I would recommend James highly to anyone who has a personal injury case.”

– Roger

“James is reliable.  In the first time free consultation, he listened to my case very carefully and asked about all the details.  I realized he is the right person.  During the procedure, he dealt with everything while I had a peaceful mind.  And we won the case.”

– Mei

“James helped me with my lemon law case.  James took the case and not only did he win the case, but had them take back the car and return everything that I paid. He is very detailed, doesn’t miss any steps and makes sure that he has all documents to win a case!  I would definitely go back to him for any other issue that may come up.  James is a great Attorney.”

– Marisol


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