Attorney Referral Fees

Suits Litigation, Inc. pays referral fees to attorneys who refer prospective personal injury clients to us for representation. We pay a referral fee of 20% of any recovered attorney fees. For example, if we settle the referred case for $100,000 and our contingency fee is 33%, the recovered attorney fees will be $33,000. The referral fee is 20% of that amount, which would be $6,600. The total amount of attorney fees that the client pays will not be increased due to the referral fee, since the referral fee is taken out of the total recovered fees.

We also make the referral procedure very simple. The referring attorney just needs to contact our firm by any method to let us know that the referral was made. We will email you a referral fee agreement, which can be e-signed. We will also include a provision in our attorney-client fee agreement that outlines the terms of the referral arrangement, which will be e-signed by the client. Once this process is completed, we will proceed with handling the client’s personal injury case from start to finish. No further involvement is required by the referring attorney. Once the matter is resolved and attorney fees are recovered, we will promptly pay the referral fee.

The above process ensures that we handle the referral fee in strict compliance with Cal. Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.5.1.

Please feel free to refer any prospective personal injury client to us for a free consultation. We will take great care of anyone referred to our office.