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When a serious car accident happens, it can change the entire rest of your life in an instant. Accidents happen suddenly, without warning, and when you least expect them. They happen even when you are driving safely and following the law. Unfortunately, it’s not just about how safe of a driver you are. No matter how safely you drive, you can become the victim of an accident when another careless driver makes a tragic mistake.

Different Types of Car Accident Injuries and Their Effects

The amount of damage that can be caused by a major car accident is truly stunning. With each car weighing thousands of pounds, the human body can be subjected to tremendous physical forces. You can be left with severe injuries, both physical and psychological, some that may heal quickly and others that could last a lifetime. Regardless of whether the injury leaves you with a permanent and debilitating brain or spinal injury, or if it’s a less severe whiplash neck injury, it is always a serious injury to the person who has to suffer through the recovery process. The simple things that you are accustomed to doing in your daily life, such going for a walk, dining at a restaurant, or performing your job duties, may have become very painful, if not impossible to do.

You may be left unable to work, which cuts off your ability to financially support your family. The car that you’re proud to drive, that you were so happy about when you bought it, has been completely destroyed and will never be driven again. You may also have inadequate health insurance, or no insurance at all, which makes it extremely difficult to find the best medical care possible.

On top of all this, you know that you’ll have to take legal action against the other driver in order to seek the justice and compensation that you deserve for your injuries. The legal system is a minefield of potential disaster for those who are not represented by a lawyer. To obtain maximum compensation for your injuries, it is crucial to retain an experienced lawyer who will fight for you.

This is where the Suits Litigation, Inc can help you. James C. Suits II is an experienced personal injury attorney who can successfully guide you through all of the challenges involved in the legal system. James believes that results are everything. He focuses on obtaining the maximum compensation possible for your injuries and to do it as quickly as possible. In some cases, it may be strategically advantageous to pursue compensation through the insurance claims process, while in other cases, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit in court to maximize your recovery. 

James believes that every client’s situation is unique and that legal representation needs to be tailored to the client’s specific needs and concerns. He communicates with his clients frequently, keeping them informed of progress and explaining the details of the legal process. Attorney Suits does the hard work so that his clients’ involvement in the case will be as simple and easy as possible. Representation is on a contingency fee basis, which means that no attorney fees or costs are paid until a monetary recovery is made in your case.

James is looking forward to speaking with you regarding your car accident and how he can help you through this challenging process. Please feel free to call our San Jose, California office at (408) 479-7622 for a free consultation with James Suits today.



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