Client Reviews

The following are reviews of the Law Office of James C. Suits II that were submitted by some of our awesome clients.  We’re just starting to post reviews, so we’ll be posting a lot more shortly.

“An attorney with integrity, who’s also very reliable & flexible.  Jim did an excellent job on my case, which is a rather small & compromised case, since I have pre-existing condition.  Jim was able to get my recovery settlement more than what I expected.  What blew me away was when I offered to compensate him 5% more than our agreed fee, Jim turned it down, saying he’s fine with what we agreed.  Wow!  I was very surprised.  Thought nobody would refuse more money.  Hat off to you, Jim!”

          – Vicky

Legal Ace!  It is very simple.  Jim Suits is a lawyer you should hire immediately.  He handled my case with a high level of expertise and as a result I received the best possible outcome for my injuries and property damage.  I was riding my bike one Saturday morning and was hit by a motor vehicle.  I suffered heavy injuries which included multiple lesions, 6 broken ribs, and a major concussion.  I continue to have migraine headaches.  I contacted Mr. Suits and he took control of my case as I recovered from my injuries.  Mr. Suits handled the opposing insurance company with a high level expertise.  The insurance company representing the motorist were difficult and fought to protect their client and their own assets.  The driver was clearly at fault but the insurance company tried to downplay his liability.  Mr. Suits put together an intelligent strategy that put the pressure back on the insurance company.  He has excellent communication skills.  I loved that I was always able to contact Mr. Suits through email or by phone.  He answered any questions I had regarding my case promptly and clearly.  Whenever the representative from the insurance company sent him anything he quickly forwarded it to me and then always let me review any documents he sent on my behalf.  The documents Mr. Suits created were impeccable.  Getting hit by a car on my bike was one of the worst days in my life.  Physical and emotional pain, financial strain, and uncertainty about my case and health was extremely stressful.  However, James Suits executed a brilliant plan to give me the absolute best result for my case.  Thank you, thank you Mr. Suits.”

          – Sammy

“James dealt with a difficult insurance adjuster and managed to negotiate a settlement on my behalf that exceeded my expectations.  James maintained a good line of communication with me during the settlement process so I was always in the loop and was never surprised by any development.  I would recommend James highly to anyone who has a personal injury case.”

          – Roger

“James is reliable.  In the first time free consultation, he listened to my case very carefully and asked about all the details.  I realized he is the right person.  During the procedure, he dealt with everything while I had a peaceful mind.  And we won the case.”

          – Mei

“James helped me with my lemon law case.  James took the case and not only did he win the case, but had them take back the car and return everything that I paid. He is very detailed, doesn’t miss any steps and makes sure that he has all documents to win a case!  I would definitely go back to him for any other issue that may come up.  James is a great Attorney.”

          – Marisol

“James was very professional, hardworking and dependable.  He really took time to help us with our case considering that it was Christmas time.  So blessed to have James on our side.”

          – Anonymous